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Around the world on 80 graves It was a really dark morning and the sun shone through the blinds, I told them to move so I could read my note from Martha moonstone. It was a letter asking me to play the grave game. I had been waiting for this all year since we played the pin the tail on the nun game. This was going to be the best yet. The rules were simple. Go to 80 major cities on the list, visit each pink painted grave and the first letter on the headstone jot it down. When you have all 80 letters, you unscramble them all.It will then read a secret message with instructions after following the instructions you get the password you then find the nearest pc and pos the message on the forum and You win yourself $10,000. This was great this was my year I could feel it. The letter stated I had to go to Leeds in Yorkshire first, so I made my way to Holbeck cemetery. Died in loving arms of wife to be Sarah was the first one so I jotted down the letter "D" This was great I thought but a rather expensive game to play. In the flower pot was a note with instructions to the next cemetery.It also stated I must place it back in the pot so the next person may read it. The next cemetery on the list was Father Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, this took me five weeks to walk around to find the pink grave because it is the biggest cemetery I have ever seen. 109 acres it was and I covered most of it, I found the first letter which was "L" the grave was in French so I couldnt understand it but I did notice the opening words were les sicko. So maybe it was a man or a woman. The next six grave yards yeided six of the letter "S" and it took me six weeks to find them all, however they were all in the UK so that was lucky. My next trip was a little harder and it was situated in Austrailia, in a grave yard called Warm springs methodist cemetery, this was however a challenge because all access was denied to this place due to historical circumstances so I had to be really careful, I found the grave and I was just about to sneak back over the fence, when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "hello blue" It was Two tone Pete the laughing undertaker, I had known him for a good few years now and we always had a good laugh in various pubs dotted along our challenges "Hello Pete, hows it going?" "not to bad Steve, but we better not get caught in here, the guy actually shoots you" "He wouldnt shoot you would he for coming in a cemetery?" "of course he will Steve" he handed me a piece of paper with a place name on it and told me to meet him there this evening for agood drowning of beer and fun. I agreed and said "bye" and he left. I walked over to the grave and and pulled out anote from under the white stones all over the top of the grave, it said the next one was in Manchester, these are really spaced out I thought from country to country. The grave made me laugh and read the following message. A man with no name lies here on this spot he drank every day and smoked loads of pot he died in a most peculiar way I the wife shot the b*&^%%d today I now had the letter "A". Just then I heard a little rustle to my right in the bushes and I turned to see this really angry black and white stripped man pointing a shotgun at me. I smiled and ran for cover as the headstone smashed into smitherines by my head, I ran as fast as I could and didn't look back. That night I met up with Pete and he asked me how I got on with old supervisor, and did I see him, I explained I did and that I nearly had my head blown off. Pete laughed and said he knew because it was him who had informed the guy there was someone in his cemetery painting some grave pink! I laughed and called him some really abusive name but it was worth it as he bought me a drink. When I got bak to the UK I headed up to Manchester, I spent two weeks there trying to find a cemetery called Franklin but for the life of me I just couldnt find it. I got in touch with Martha and she sent me the following information: Location: In Manchester on the south side of West Nimisila Road, west of where W. Nimisila Road intersects with Manchester Road. Status: 87 acres owned by the Franklin Twp. Trustees, Manchester Cemetery Franklin Twp, Summit County, Ohio. Oh my God I thought I'm in the wrong country, so I arranged a flight from Manchester airport(in the UK) and flew across the pond to the one I should have been] in , in Ohio. This was a strange looking place I thought as I marched across some scrublands, but I got there in the end. The grave in question wrote: Victor was a wise old man He loved his ale and women I shot his butt on an upward stream Believe me, he wasn't swimmin. After six months of trapesing around the planet I finally got to my last grave in Bootle , Merseyside. The grave read : Peel here because thats all that Jack did! I had all 80 letters now so sat down to decipher them, just then a voice said, "Its finished". It was my lovely wife, "It finished three months ago, but you never bothered to ring me, so I let you wander around the everglades or wherever it is you have been hanging around". "Who won?" "Pete she said, he left a message on our answering machine saying Dear steve have fun with those notes I left for you, see you soon love Pete in sunny Barbados" " I was gutted I asked her if she knew what the words where as I couldnt do it. she said "yes Steve they say, When you get the message please push hard on the grave stone the password inside will be revealed. I went over and pushed the grave it just fell over and underneath was note that read "ass kicked again Pete" " I'll get that Pete " I mumbled as I was lead away by my wife laughing, "Dont worry Steve " she said " theres always next year, well this year haha. Out of all the graves I found the best one was for a builder called Terry I told here and the message wrote, My mate Terry was an unlucky Sod He fell down a chimney and landed on his hod He never finished his house that he recently bought Because the silly sod Terry, was a few bricks short. I bet theres loads like this I told her, "yes Steve there probably is" she laughed."And when you die,I'm going to write: See saw Margery door when he died he hit the floor I wrote this as a general pun in the end the wifey won. I laughed and we went home.


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